Average Essay Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Citing sources manually is such a daunting task. It gets even more difficult when you’re in a hurry to complete your assignment and meet your write my essay or you do not know the basics of each citation style. I mean, we cannot expect a single person who is also a school or college student to know the citing guidelines of each format. Students have already so much on their plate that expecting them to learn of all these styles would be a little unfair.

To make things easier, and take a little burden off from the shoulders of the students, multiple websites produce citations for you automatically. Whether it needs to be in APA format or MLA, these websites have got you all covered. You might have come across some of these citation generators too but let me warn you that not all of them are accurate and produce perfect citations.

Apart from that, some of the paper writing service provide citation services if you hire them for your essay writing tasks. They provide the cheapest essay writing service along with other perks. What could be better than that?

Anyhow, the focus of this article is online citation generators so let’s stick to that.

Five Best Online Citation Generators

  1.     Citation Machine

The first one on the list is Citation Machine which like essay writer other citation producers have both paid and unpaid versions. Even with an unpaid version, you can easily generate a citation in almost 15 styles. With this free version, you can directly add both bibliography and in-text citation directly to your paper.

The best part of this online tool is that it is user friendly and allows you to cite audios and films as well.

  1.     Cite This For Me

When creating the list of most efficient online citation generators, you cannot miss this one from your list. This tool allows write my paper to cite your source in almost all major formats used by students. Moreover, you can cite 30 types of sources with this tool. How cool is that? Who would have thought that one tool would fix all their citation problems? Cite this for me was also my go-to citation generator when I used to write my essay or any other writing task. I would highly recommend using it.

  1.     Essay Bib

Essay bib is an amazing and very efficient citation generator which is a service provided by one of the most popular academic portals known as Chegg. The only problem with this generator is that its free version has limited features. You can only cite in MLA style in the free version but if you upgrade yourself to a premium account then you can enjoy citing sources in over 100 styles.

The citation produced by this online generator is legit and the good news is its premium version starts from as low as $4.99 each month. Trust me, this is the lowest you’ll get in all citation tools.

  1.     Opendemia

Opendemia is more than just a citation generator. You essay writing service create entire work cited pages and in-text references through it and easily retrieve those pages to your original paper. Using this tool saves you a lot of time and trouble you’d have otherwise had to face. The best part about this tool is that it is currently offering all of its features for free in times of COVID-19 learning.

  1.     Bib Me

Last on the list is BibMe. It is almost entirely similar to Citation Machine. The only reason to mention it here is to use it as an alternative in case the other website is down.

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