Instructions to compose a Powerful Cause and Effect Essay – Guide 2021

Chicago Manual of Style has been updated to the write my essay edition and has left so many people wondering about what’s new in it. The edition is revised after seven years as the previous one came seven years before this new one. There are quite a few important changes made in this edition which you need to know about if you’re a regular CMOS user. This article will cover all those important changes for you so you do not miss any of them when using this edition.

If you’re not a regular CMOS user then you probably need a little background on this style. Chicago style was invented by the University of Chicago and is widely used in both the academic and trade world. Many editors and authors use this style to publish their work. On the other hand, it is commonly used in the academic essay writerby students to write their assignments on subjects like history and sometimes on humanities and social sciences as well.

Read through the blog till the end to know everything about this citation style. When you’ll be writing essays now and will need to format them in Chicago, you’ll know exactly how to do it. Now let’s just jump right into it.

List of Changes in Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition

The list below mostly includes the significant changes made in this new edition. Some nitty-gritty changes which do not make such a huge difference in formatting are not included.

Changes in the citation style

The most significant changes in this style are made in its citation formatting.

  •         First of all, when citing a website essay writing service, the title of the website no longer needs an exceptional treatment. In the previous edition, it was written in a headline style and was set in roman without including quotation marks. But that’s old fashioned now and is no longer applicable in this new edition.
  •         This new edition discourages the use of ibid in its citations. It is to keep the citations brief and avoid repetition of the title.
  •         This new edition also repeats the year in the certain author-date reference entry. See the example below to understand it fully.

Salvatore, Damon. 2010. “How History Helps in Keeping Language Alive” Chicago Times, January 31, 2010. Accessed June 6, 2015.

In the above example, the date is mentioned twice. One without the month and date and the other including both. It is mostly applicable to journal and website citations.

Other format changes

Although major changes have occurred in the write my paper that does not mean that rest is all similar. Punctuation and other page formatting elements have also undergone some changes which include the following.

  •         In this new edition, you do not put the hyphen (-) between the word email. This change was long overdue and we’re glad it is finally here.
  •         Next, you do not need to put a comma after, etc. now. Previously if you used etc. in the middle of the sentence, you had to place a comma after it. That is not the case now.
  •         No comma is placed before the words “too” or either. In the previous edition, you had to place a comma before these words. However, when they come in the middle of the sentence, you still have to place a comma around them. Avoid doing it only when these words come in the end.

This might be a little too much for you to sink in all at once. So here’s a little tip for you. When I used to write my essay or paper, I’d use online citation generator tools to generate automatic citations. That made formatting so much easier for me. You can do the same.

But if you’re going to do the citations manually, then be sure to incorporate the changes mentioned paper writing service.

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