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Topic: Key Similarities and Dissimilarities between an argumentative and a synthesis essay

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There are different types of essays based on different concepts, styles, and organizations. Argumentative and Synthesis write my essay are the two different and more common forms of essay.  Both the argumentative and synthesis essay have similarities and dissimilarities as well.  Some essays provide only information, while some represent the opinions and arguments of the writer.

Many writing companies provide the cheapest essay writing service to students. However, if you want to join the writing field or want to get good marks in academics, you must be aware of the different essay forms. Some of the similarities and dissimilarities of the argumentative and synthesis essay are as follows:


An argumentative essay is a kind of essay in which the writer raises an idea, claim, or argument about any topic or issue. In this type of essay, the writer tries to bend the support of audiences towards his point of view and perspective about the issue. A synthesis essay is a kind of essay which includes a discussion of a topic. In order to support the discussion, the writer incorporates the arguments of different authors from different sources. It includes multiple numbers of sources to develop a discussion on a topic or issue.

An argumentative essay aims to develop an honest and critical view on any controversial topic and represent it to the essay writer. Persuasion is the main purpose of an argumentative essay. It develops the point of view of the audience on a particular issue and changes their behavior. The purpose of the synthesis essay is to collect different traits from the different texts then connect and organize them according to the main theme of the topic. It aims at the literature review of the different sources. It provides different recommendations in the discussion and connects your different practices to research. You can easily get help from the paper writing service writers. 

In an argumentative essay, you look at the controversial topic and develop an argument about it. After developing an argument or idea, you organize it in the form of a thesis statement with the reasons for them. After writing a thesis statement, you go for different sources to support your argument. In the synthesis essay, you read multiple numbers of sources to develop a good thesis statement. It does not start with the thesis statement; it starts with the views of other authors. It includes a description of the relationship between different sources.

The argumentative essay starts with the introduction, which provides concise information about the topic, its background and ends with a thesis statement. The body of an argumentative essay includes different paragraphs that explain the thesis statement and provide supporting evidence. In the synthesis essay, a problem-solution relationship develops. Its introduction includes the problem, while different paragraphs in the main body describe the solution to the essay writing service. Different sources get to compare and contrast in the main body. For essay assignments, you can ask someone to write my essay.


Argumentative and synthesis essays have some similarities as well. Both essays play an important role in the contribution of literature. Both are rich sources of information for both students and professionals. Both essays try to bend the support of the targeted audiences. Both synthesis and argumentative essays use formal language, style, and tone to keep them academic. These essays are also similar in structure. Both essays start with the introductory write my paper with the thesis statement. After the introduction, the main body consists of paragraphs explaining the thesis. Essays end with the conclusion. The most significant similarity between these essays is that both provide recommendations to change the behavior of audiences about the specific issue or topic. A good essay writer must always be aware of the basic similarities and differences between different essays. It improves their academic writing paper writing service.

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